Your reliable Souring Agent in China.

WeApple International Corporation, is your reliable sourcing agent in China.  We help you with wide range of services so you can buy from China easily, safely with savings. WeApple has won trust amongst our customers for our quality of work.

What we can do

what we can do

Importing from China offers numerous benefits, however one of the biggest problems facing importers is locating a reliable supplier and this is where we can help:

  • We guarantee quality of product & delivery
  • We ensure you receive a priority service
  • We make certain competitive prices
  • We offer a complete set of resources to meet your needs.

We provide ongoing effective communication, which is extremely important, and we work with you to achieve your goals without putting a strain on your budget.

Why Us?


A professional sourcing agent is much helpful to save your money and energy. Some say they provide sourcing service but they work as a trader, some say they are sourcing agent but they are just a translator. But we know the jungles, this is WeApple Sourcing, EVERYTHING IS TRANSPARENT.

  • Good experienced exporter background,we understand customers’ needs
  • Extensive China local experience,we understand suppliers and their capabilities
  • Has good relationship with local suppliers, we communicate with them effectively
  • Easy and fast local sourcing
  • Strict quality guarantee system and perfect management system
  • Product Sourcing Service -- 3%~5% commission based on order amount, no hidden fee
  • Quality Control Service -- $100~$200 per manday including everything based on Area, no hidden fee