Why you need an agent in China?
Though,most customers are still under the impression that working directly with a supplier, manufacturer or factory will definitely give them access to better quality product or service, actually they will surprisedly find that that may cause ... >>Read more
How WeApple Sourcing solves problems for you?
1. Research Customers must have a clear idea on the products they would like to order from China. Product drawings and specifications can help us better understand the requirements of the customers. The Internet is a good place to start in looking... >>Read more
Simple, All-Inclusive Pricing
1. Product Sourcing Service -- 3%~5% commission based on order amount, no hidden fee Suppliers sourcing & Selection, Sample collection during inspection,Order processing,Quality checking,Logistic organization,Business meeting and Trip schedule arran... >>Read more
Mixed container service
There is two ways with mixed container shipment: First you may have many different kinds of products from different suppliers which you would like to combine together in one container, this might be the best way for you. We can collect all products t... >>Read more
Your Own Dedicated Team in China
As a WeApple partner, your business will have unobstructed access to major manufacturing bases in China. Our focuses are on sourcing in China. We have our own local dedicated team of professionals across the supply chain, ready to serve you. Your pri... >>Read more