How WeApple Sourcing solves problems for you?

1. Research

Customers must have a clear idea on the products they would like to order from China. Product drawings and specifications can help us better understand the requirements of the customers.The Internet is a good place to start in looking for a list of potential manufacturers in China, visiting websites or social media to learn more about suppliers.

Send workers to exhibitions held in China. Exhibitions are a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs looking for potential supplier. Exhibitions in the big cities like Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai gather the most number of participants.

2. Selection

Businessmen or purchasing officers should talk face-to-face with potential suppliers first before signing a contract. It is also encouraged that a visit to the local factory be made to give the customer a better understanding of how the potential supplier works. A visit to the local factory will also give an idea on the type of machines used as well as the number of personnel working on the product. Right selection can save time and cost.

3. Track record

WeApple Sourcing has the track record to impress potential customers. Track record may pertain to the number of customers served by the sourcing agent, as well as the overall performance of the agent in matching businesses with the right suppliers.

4. Honesty

Sometimes, it pays to have an honest sourcing agent than a capable agent who is not that trustworthy.  It is an open secret that some sourcing agents get commission from suppliers. This relationship increases the chances that an agent will neglect quality in recommending a supplier to the customer, as the agent will endorse a supplier who can give him the highest commission. 

WeApple Souring is honest enough to present a truthful sourcing report to their customers.  Businesses should run a through background check on a sourcing agent that they are considering to hire. Investigating the track record of the agent would go a long way towards ensuring that a company nabs the services of an honest representative, to show EVERYTHING IS TRANSPARENT

5. Can Communicate Well

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to doing business in China is the language barrier. Not everyone in China is proficient in English, or can communicate well using the global language. It is thus a common occurrence for sourcing representatives to deliver wrong items or poor quality products to their customers because of miscommunication. This only underscores the need for companies to hire a sourcing agent who can speak and write fluent English.

6. Quality is the top priority

Not all sourcing agents in China that can promise the cheapest costs for their customers are to be trusted. Most of the time, cheap products also equate to poor quality. On the following is the step how we control the risks on the purchase:
a) Pre- Production Inspection, We verify suppliers & could conduct pre as well as post production inspection.
b) On Production Inspection, We monitor all orders to see that they are manufactured & delivered within the timelines you provide us. Control the problems before it's happened
c) Pre-Shipment Inspection. Inspect the Quality, Quantity, packing and all the other issues to make sure that all products are according your requirement before delivery.